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memorial casting fee's

My casting service fee's cover a 15 mile radius from Rochford, Essex, SS4. Further? Please contact me for a quote.
No distance is too great.

Fingerprint casts are kept safe and indefinitely, so you can order when you are ready.
Fingerprint Cast Fee

Finger / Thumb Casting service: £30
Purchase cast £50

Inkless wipe or paint impressions of fingerprints, hands, feet, animal prints are scanned, then yours to keep.
These are best suited for tattoo's or the hand/foot imprint jewellery.

Ink prints Fee

Hand print or Foot print fee: £30

Nose / Lips print: £30

Paw-print: £30
Other: Please call for a quote


3D life casting is time consuming but still a gentle process that leaves no residue on your loved one.
I can take fingerprint cast & ink prints at the same time. Just let me know your wishes in advance of my visit.

3D Cast Fee's

3D Baby or child Hand & Foot Cast: £60

3D Adult Hand & Foot Cast: £60

3D Face cast: £70

Other: Please call for a quote

If you prefer to take the cast yourself, I can supply the kit needed. Instructions & support included.

Cast Kits (including postage)

Fingerprint cast kit £15

Inkless wipe kit £9.99 per A4

fingerprint cast.jpg
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