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memorial keepsakes

How do you say goodbye, when your heart still wants to hold on?
Be it jewellery to hold, touch and treasure or a life casting set in a frame, together we will find the perfect piece just for you. With over 10 years experience, you can trust you're in safe hands. I work closely with families, funeral directors & hospices to create beautiful keepsakes tailored to every individual need, providing a sensitive and considerate approach to what ever your request. 
You're welcome to use my gallery for inspiration or you may prefer to contact me direct.
If I am unable to take the cast of your loved one personally, I provide a kit for your funeral director or yourself to use. You don't need to do a thing except advise them of your wishes and provide me with their contact details. I'm also able to use prints, casts, signatures and drawings you already have. The rest is taken care of for you. 
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